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    About us

    Chongqing Junneng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing,manufacturing and trading various series of oil recycling & regeneration equipment.It is located in Chongqing,CN,which is known as the mountain city,providing us convenient communication lines in air-sea-land way.


    Since established,Junneng always presents itself as market-oriented.Based on the high-tech development we use our human source and technology as our advantages and take “Be Part Of The Solution,Not The Pollution.” as our responsibility.Our company has developed into an oil recycling & regeneration production base.


    After years of learning,studying and improving the edgy technology of various highly-advanced oil filtration and purification worldwide,we’ve developed 8 series of oil regeneration equipment in hundreds of size and specifications.These series of equipment have earned lots of compliments and approvals from our customers,for playing an irreplaceable role in reducing cost & energy consumption and the pollution among various fields like oil refinery,electricity,petrochemical industry,metallurgy,mining,aviation,vessel and railway industry etc.


    In the last few years,we’ve successfully developed 2 series of waste oil regeneration equipment,during which the cost and energy consumption got reduced;the recovery output rate got increased and the quality of reprocessed oil got improved without the need of acid and activated clay.We offer customized solution based on our clients’ needs and requirements.Our equipment has been shipped to both the domestic and international markets.We would be honored to cooperate with our new customers leading a vast prospect of safety,energy-saving and eco-friendly.


    With the teamwork we’re now working on a more vast field of oil filtration to create more various and more developed oil regeneration equipment.


    We’re determined to be the pioneer of technology in our field.Based on the management ideas of “Quality brings up the brand;Service earns the clients”,we will be dependable for our clients from the get-go.


    We aim to regenerate hazardous wastes;reduce costs and create benefits.Believe us,believe your own choice.

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